Are you hosting a Sunday night football party? Here is an easy way to keep those Sundays simple, easy and fun. With great tasty food that you don’t have to make for tons of people and a very simple clean up so you don’t have a hassle to wash all those dishes and cups. This is for the people who like to host football parties or any party. We will be reviewing the easiest way to provide your guests and the simplest way to clean up all bought from Safeway. And easy ways to color coordinate with the football team your rooting for!

Here is step by step instructions from start to finish:

1. Shopping: go to your local grocery store or even better Costco for bigger sized everything! Go to the deli section where there is already made food ready to go. And never forget the chip section! Buy a few hours before so you don’t need to take up room is you fridge for the food just the drinks

2.Food: Buy everything that you think your guest would want to eat for example: potato salad, fruit salad, fried potatoes, fried chicken, anything fried basically, chips, soda, juice, ect.
 Clean-up Supplies: Plastic or paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, napkins and disinfectant wipes

3.Set-up: set up a few tables covered with a plastic table cloth, layout all you food if possible in what ever in comes in or any plastic platter you have, at the end of the table set up the plates, napkins, and utensils

4.Clean-up After Game: once everyone has left or most of your guest, get a trash bag and walk around the house throwing away all the plates, napkins and utensils, pack up all the food not eaten in containers for you to have later, then wipe down the plastic table cloth with those disinfectant wipes you just bought then throw away.